Increasing reliance on electronic money transfers, mobile and online banking and accounting systems lead to high threat of fraud and blackmail level.

Technology has progressed so much that with little more than a mobile phone and the internet you could find international criminals able to easily knock down your defences and attack your business.

Fraudsters and blackmailers highly rely on their victim feeling trapped or exposed, whether they are attacking individuals or corporations. It is an attack based on creating fear.

Our specialist and discreet corporate private investigators act in the strictest confidence and can help you identify your risks and consult on developing effective defences and responses that protect the interests of your business.

We can test their defences, identify weaknesses and put strategies in place to ensure you aren’t exposed.

Our fraud and blackmail investigation services include:

  • Financial analysis and investigation
  • Paper trail navigation and evidence
  • Identification of fraudsters
  • Tracing of blackmail instigators
  • Legal support and evidence accumulation
  • Loss recovery advice
  • Fraud and blackmail weakness evaluations

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Fraud and Blackmail Investigations