Honey Trap Services 

​​​​​​​Are you experiencing doubts about your partner’s fidelity?

Are you suspecting your spouse may be cheating on you with another person?

Are there trust issues arising in your relationship?

Are you intending to take the next step in a relationship and feel that you need to know if your partner could or would be unfaithful to you, if the opportunity arose?

You know your partner is up to something but cannot prove it? 

Whatever the reason, honey trap service is the answer. We provide a honey trap service which is designed to test the subject and to ascertain whether or not he or she is predisposed to, or inclined to infidelity.

Establishing this fact early in the relationship could save you a lot of heartache, time and money.

We have a wide variety of male and female Honey Trap agents at our disposition to choose from and if you know your partner is attracted to a certain 'type of person' then we will be able to provide an agent who is best suited for the investigation.

On your request we can also provide audio recordings, video or photos, and copies of text messages giving full evidence of your partner’s behaviour. We would meet with you and listen to your unique situation and circumstance. Based on this, we would design a tailor made plan of action which will ascertain your partner's fidelity and give you peace of mind as to the truth of the matter.

A honey trap can either confirm what you suspect, that your partner is or would act unfaithfully or else it can help to allay your fears. If you think a honey trap might not be the most appropriate way to test your partner’s fidelity, or that your partner is having an affair with a specific subject, then we can offer a range of services that can help to provide proof of what you suspect.

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