Surveillance and Observation

For many people requesting an investigation be carried out on someone close to them wouldn’t even cross their mind. In real life, it is a regular occurrence. 

Whatever your doubt s are, you have a right to know the truth. Sometimes the only way to find out if you’re hearing the truth from your partner, friends, family or business partner is to hire private surveillance professionals to help. 

There are many reasons you may want to use private surveillance investigators. Whether it is for personal, private or corporate reasons, the covert observation, monitoring and documenting of the behaviour and activities of an individual, or individuals will help you find it out what they’re really up to without them knowing.

Surveillance is undoubtedly the most focused and hands-on approach to investigation.

Our surveillance investigation services include:

  • Observation/Surveillance to determine whether a partner is being unfaithful, or to confirm or disprove adultery or any other inappropriate behaviour.
  • Surveillance of individuals to establish insurance or disability frauds.
  • Observation of places of work including offices, warehouses, construction sites, production locations and other accessible areas.
  • Surveillance of individuals for matrimonial or domestic litigation, as part of investigations into residential cohabitation, asset investigations or other domestic or matrimonial matter.
  • Observation of residential premises, apartments, garages, boats or aircraft
  • Rural covert observation
  • Undercover surveillance

Surveillance and observation is also a critical part of corporate investigations including;

  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Asset tracing
  • Fraud and blackmail investigation
  • Tracing Individuals
  • Litigation support
  • Loss recovery advice
  • Background vetting

Working to the highest operational standards, we can help quantify your relationship, trust and understanding of any individual or organisation, enabling effective risk management, due diligence and situational awareness.

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