Are you looking for a debtor, lost relative, old friend, beneficiary, missing person, witness, girlfriend/boyfriend, missing teenage girl or boy, missing heirs?

They might not be intentionally hiding from you but for whatever reason you've lost contact.

Or it could also be someone who is deliberately hiding from you or his creditors.

Finding missing people can by its very nature be  a stressful affair especially when attempting to do it alone and the search can seem tiresome and endless.

FR Investigations provides a confidential, discreet and  effective tracing service which includes UK and abroad.

We use the very latest information systems,  both manual and electronic searches in order to achieve a successful result.

We will keep you informed of the progress as the investigations goes along and we will provide you with an exact current address for the individual you are seeking, anywhere in the UK or overseas.

Call us for a free, confidential and discreet consultation on 0330 088 1327 / 07402 158 180.

Tracing Services