Tracking the movements of a vehicle with a GPS device is a highly cost effective method of gathering information and can be highly useful in an ongoing investigation.

You will be able to track the movements of somebody who is using his/her vehicle. This option will allow you to build a history of travelling habits and locations the target is going to.

There are two options available, one being the use of a passive tracker which logs all movements and when retrieved all information can be downloaded onto a computer. This information will give times, street names, speeds travelled and where vehicle stopped and for how long it stopped for.

The other option being a live tracker that tracks in real time as the vehicle is moving. This has the benefit of your knowing at any time where the vehicle is. The "live" GPS trackers also log important information. ​The information recorded will show times, street names, at what speeds travelled and where vehicle stopped and for how long it stopped for.  

Advantages of Vehicle Tracking service:

  • This is the perfect way of monitoring the comings and goings of one or more individuals.
  • It will accumulate a full travelling history, recording and showing each location the vehicle stopped at and for how long, all routes taken, and also indicate real time location and speed.
  • It’s one of the most cost effective surveillance options.It can be used in conjunction with surveillance and save time and money.
  • Our GPS tracking devices simple to install and will allow you to monitor a vehicle locations 24 hours a day for several days at a time.

We can have one of our Private Investigators install and collect a device should this be something you would be more comfortable with.

Once activated the GPS device will then provide a detailed log of times, routes and locations visited. If you are looking at the option of vehicle tracking, call us for a free consultation. 

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Vehicle Tracking Services